This stylized TGI-designed e-blast was used to announce the client’s new website in a cost-effective manner and highlight the professional awards the firm has received.An example of bio videos that TGI has produced for its clients that help them communicate directly to their website visitors.
This TGI produced video, posted on the client’s website, reinforces the importance and positive impact of the organization’s mission to potential corporate investors.TGI oversaw the design of this client’s new website, wrote all the content, produced the attorney bio and client testimonial videos, and directed the photography. (

E-Communications to Make You
and Your Company Stand Out.

No question, electronic communications – email, the Internet, video – are of paramount importance in reaching consumers and even business audiences.  Of course they should be in the marketing mix for just about any company.

And TGI can help you gather positive attention and attract new customers using the digital platforms available today.

Your website is, for all intents and purposes, your company.  At the very least it’s your front door that provides the all-important chance to make a good first impression.  TGI can design a website for you that incorporates “best practices” for SEO, is easy to navigate and user friendly, properly highlights your key strengths, and most importantly, meets your budget!

Email marketing, the strategic use of e-blasts to existing customers and targeted prospects, is a cost effective tool to get your company noticed, generate traffic to your website, and bring about your desired “call to action.” We can not only design your e-blast to reflect or rebrand your corporate personality, but deliver it to your audience as well.

Video content is a must for your Internet presence.  It’s a visual world and, as they say, a (moving) picture is worth a thousand words.  We can produce videos for your company – from bio portraits that humanize your management and key employees, to educational content that casually brings customers to your website, to humorous vignettes that subtly market your key brand messages to your audience.

Contact TGI today to explore how electronic messaging can become a key component of your marketing success.